Please contact BOST for Claims Assistance and Policy Changes for your AUL (One America), Companion and/or Colonial Policies


Click on "Support" in the upper right hand corner to use our Support Portal, where you can “Log in” or “Sign Up”. An activation link will be sent by email when you register for the first time. Use the search bar to download claim/change forms.

You can also submit requests online by clicking “New Support Ticket”.


724.657.3443 (Choose Option for Claims) or 877.283.7600 (Choose Option for Claims)



Policy Changes Include:

Change of Address; Name Change; Adding or Deleting Spouse/Dependents; Beneficiary Change, Cancellations

Benefit Questions:

For benefit related questions, please contact your BOST Benefit Specialists:

Please Note:

AUL (One America) Life Coverage

• In the event of a life claim, please have the beneficiary call a BOST Policyholder Support Specialist for assistance in filing the claim.

Companion Dental and Vision Coverage

• Dental/Vision cards may take up to 3 weeks from the effective date to be received. Claims are able to be processed by your Provider with the Group ID and your Social Security number once the application has been entered into the system.

• In order for a BOST Policyholder Support Specialist to assist you on a dental or vision claim please be prepared to provide the following information: Date of Service, Provider’s Name and Actual Charges.

Colonial Accident Coverage

• DEOB’s (Explanation of Benefits) may not be an acceptable form of documentation unless it shows the required information based on the type of claim.